Thursday, 16 May 2019

Redmi Note 7S Coming Soon !!

Redmi note 7s Coming in 20 May 2019

Hey Mi fans,

Taking excellent pictures with smartphones have never been this easy. Here are some of the pictures we captured for you from the upcoming Redmi Note 7S. Witness the power of #48MPForEveryone. Exceptional detail with every click. 

Daylights Photos

Perfect Portraits

Low lights

Hey Mi Fans!

India ️  #RedmiNote
India ️  #48MP

We know that you love Redmi Note series, and it shows in numbers, Redmi Note 7 series has already sold 2Mn+ units since its launch in March. So we have decided to get you both #RedmiNote as well as #48MP in our upcoming Redmi Note 7S. 

#48MPForEveryone - unveiling on 20th May.

Mark your calendar!

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